Zim Biosciences has developed innovative topical treatments to promote symptomatic relief of skin disorders, by improving skin integrity and boosting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Who Needs Us

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Cancer Patients

Needed relief for Radiation burns and dermatitis comes from adding moisture plus healing factors to sooth (relieve) redness, itching, burning, soreness and to reduce scarring.
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Aging Population

Elderly population contend with compromised immune systems and healing issues with sores and wound closure.
Acne, dermatitis


Millions of people struggle with skin disorders and skin disease every year. These chronic skin issues lead to additional medical costs and life long search for relief remedies.
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Whether a Baby or a Baby Boomer, protecting skin integrity is our goal.


Multiple disorders cause skin damage, including acne, aging, rosacea and eczema along with aesthetic dermatology and radiation cancer treatments. These markets represents ~144.5 B clients.

They all face a number of challenges for skin repair including, infection, slow wound healing, and scaring. Most over the counter and cosmetic products moisturize and only marginally impact the needed healing process of the skin.

How it works

Consumers who have experienced damage to their skin, whether by skin disease or by injury from dermatological treatments, want a trusted product with science behind the active ingredients.

  • They read the labels looking for ingredients they know are safe and active.
  • They don’t want a steroid or antibiotic, due to the side effects.
  • Consumers are seeking a product that will sooth and reduce redness and encourage the skin to heal.

The patented technology, provides relief and recovery from damaged skin. It acts as a potent functional product to relieve redness, itching, burning, soreness, and peeling.

About Zim

• Zim Biosciences has created protein-polymer complexes that accelerate skin healing. Our first water-soluble complex contains keratin protein.
• The patented platform has been used for atopic dermatitis, rosacea, surgical incisions, thermal & radiation burns, with a significant response.
• Zim’s products demonstrate faster recovery with less pain, less redness, and less scarring.
• Our complex can easily be integrated into multiple medical and/or over the counter products and is available today.

Management Team

Vickie Driver BS

CEO Co-Founder

Vickie has ~ 30 years’ experience in drug development, including research, discovery and non-clinical support for 2 NDAs. She was a co-founder of Rx3 Pharmaceuticals in 2004, which became Trius Therapeutics in 2007. Vickie is leading research development efforts for Zim Biosciences.

Jane Meyer MS


Jane has 20 years’ of experience in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical development, and business development. She founded Healthilocks in 2012 and commercialized it's hair treatment therapy eliminating the need for a toxic Brazilian Blowout with a safe functional alternative.

Laura Buchanan JD


Laura brings over 30 years of experience as a lawyer and entrepreneur to Zim Biosciences. Laura has extensive experience in start-ups, retail, TV sales, as well as launching her own product line. Ms. Buchanan is active in business development for Healthilocks, the hair care product that uses technology related to Zim’s skin care technology

Dr. Alan Kadish


Alan contributes 37 years of experience with a chemistry background.  As a physician and having involvement in business development, along with a successful history as a serial entrepreneur, he has worked in both the supplement and OTC areas of research/development and marketing. As a PI, Alan has written and been issued an IRB and secured 2 recent industry grants.
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Zim presenting at the 2019 Oregon Bioscience Innovating and Scaling our Region's Growth Conference

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