At Zim we fix skin:

As we age our skin loses its overall integrity. There are a number of cellular changes and as you might have noted including less moisture and curiously much less fat, so it’s easy to understand how wrinkles would be created. Unfortunately the skin tends to lose it’s fat content by 65%  by the time we are 70 years old.1 You can think of the fat as part of the supporting structure situs judi slot gacor and giving the skin resilience that helps us to move without tearing or injuring the skin structures.

Did you know that as a woman, your epidermis decreases in thickness by about 6.4%  per MAXBET decade.2, 3  4, and worse yet, it specifically happens on the face, neck, upper part of the chest and the outside surface of your hands and forearms.5 This creates a profound change in skin barrier integrity. 

Other common issues with aging skin include more bruising and of course  the dreaded old age spots along with tags. Not to add bad news to the mix- it’s easier to tear or cut the skin due to all of these factors. Taken together these changes situs judi slot result in longer healing times, more pain and scaring.

Have you noticed that after having some amount of pressure on your skin it takes longer to recover ?  It’s been found that there’s a dramatically alteration from younger person that can respond in only minutes to aged skin which can requiring more than 24 h.

Keratinocytes, the key cells that compose the skin, change shape over time, becoming shorter and fatter, while the cells making oil  become bigger as a result of decreased amounts of epidermal cell replenishment.1

The loss of molecular integrity of the skin results in an increased rigid structure, with less ability to tolerate stresses,6 and less elasticity.7. The really bad news this occurs faster in women than in men,7  leaving them with more vulnerability to tear-type injuries.

Aged skin needs a comprehensive approach to really make a difference. A combination of moisture retention, a natural barrier and stimulation to the proper cellular components are critical for maintaining our skin’s ability to keep our internal environment protected and reduce the aging changes.

At present we are in the testing phase of optimizing our patented polymer complex for increasing water retention, increasing skin integrity and addressing many dermatological issues. Our unique use of a specialty keratin that retains the positive impact on the keratinocytes will be fully explored.

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